Character sketch of Monsieur orielle

Q. Write a Character sketch of Monsieur orielle.

Ans. Character sketch of Monsieur orielle is the husband of Madame orielle. He seems to be weak, gentle and a self-repecting man. His wife dominates him and he obeys her in most domestic affairs.


The belongs to a rich family. He does not need to work for a living. His wife wants him to earn money although they have no children and no other financial responsibilities. He works as a head clerk at the war office. He is foil to this wife. His wife is very stringy. She wants to save every penny that she can. But he wants to have a better standard of living. His wife wants to be on the safe side. Spending money on any thing gives her sleepless nights.

They is paired with a wrong woman. He is made to go to the office with an old umbrella. He becomes a laughing stock in the office. His wife buys him a cheap umbrella meant for advertisement pusposes. ┬áThen she buys him a costly umbrella. This gets burnt in the office. His wife abuses him. He literally dies under the shower of her abuse. But we know that he is an innocent man. His wife’s stinginess is responsible for his ridiculous position in the office.

He is self-repecting. He tells his wife that he would not go to the office with a servant’s umbrella. He even threatens to resign his job. He is an object of pity. It is really painful to see such a good man being ill-treated by a mean and miserly wife.

the character sketch of Monsieur orielle. The story name is the umbrella. This is very interesting story.

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