character sketch of the Bachelor

Q. 2.  Write a character sketch of the Bachelor.

Ans. The bachelor is a passenger travelling by train. He is a stranger to the children and their aunt. But he becomes a very active participant in the story.

He is a foil to the old aunt.She tries to put unnecessary restraints on the children. She tells them not to do this or that. She does not try to  satisfy  their curiosity. That is why the story of a good girl told by her is not liked by the children. The bachelor satisfies the cusiosity of the children. He answers all their questions. He does not put any restraint on them. So they like the story told by him.

The bechelor  seems to understand child-psychology. They listen to his story attentively.

The bechelor in the story represents a point of view. We are told that a stern master fails to win his pupils. A successful teacher is one who satisfies the curiosity of children. The story told by the old lady falls flat on the children. They call it stupid. Children have a poor impression of the lady. So they are defiant and indisciplined. The bachelor is liked by them. They listen to his story attentively. The bechelor’s particular are not given in the story. So we can say that he is a sketchy character. He is not life like and realistic.
As he gets down from the train, he says that the children will demand for at least six months from their aunt, to tell them an improper story.


The lesson in name the story teller in the writter H.H Munro saki. This is the importance question in chapter. The very amazing chapter in the story teller and the most important lesson.

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