Character Sketch Of The Lady

Q. 1. Write a character sketch of the lady.

Ans. Character Sketch Of The Ladyi the story The Luncheon was just one of the writer’s admirers. She had read his book and appreciated it. She wrote a letter to him about that. In the next letter, she wrote that she would be passing through pairs soon. She also wished to be  taken for lunch. Foyot was an expensive place which he could not afford. Yet he could not disappoint a lady. Inwardly he hoped to see some young and charming lady. But he had to play the host to a middle aged woman and not attractive either. She asked for the most expensive dishes.

She is a source of humour. This humour arises chiefly out of the difference in the lady’s words and actions. She pretends that she takes a very light lunch, just a thing or two. But she chooses the most expensive dishes and drinks. The reader laughs at the awkwardness of the situation faced by the author. The poor author hopes to enjoy the company of some young and charming woman. But he meets a middle-aged talkative and feelingless woman. She gave him  the impression of having more teeth, white and large.

Character Sketch Of The Lady was a great hypocrite. She said that she had no hunger. Still, she ate so many things. She claimed that she never ate more than one thing at a time, and never drank anything for luncheon. But she went on eating and drinking one thing after the other. She was a glutton.

They was feelingless. She could not understand that the author was a poor man. She ordered the costliest dishes whereas the author ate very ordinary one. The author could not equalise with her. The gods took revenge. She became very fat for her over-eating habits.

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